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Mechanical interlocks with any key configurations for:

›Multi-turn valves (Gate & globe)

›Quartern-turn valve (Ball & butterfly)

›Electric and pneumatic actuators

›Gear operators

›Closure doors

›Rotary swiches

Even knowledge, skill, caution and written procedures can not permanently guarantee safe operation during production or maintenance.
At times, human failure even defeats the most advanced electronic safety measures.

Alcatraz Interlocks designs, manufactures and installs interlocking systems to prevent potentially hazardous situations caused by errors in the operating sequence of industrial processes.
The patented Alcatraz key and lock portion are designed so that assembly is possible without any adjustment or machining.
Assembly can be done in our workshop or at the premises of a local agent.

As an option a special emergency kit is available to adjust or extend your safety system on site.
Before the final handover of the interlocking system we provide a full on site training for the client.
We will not leave the site unless the operators fully understand the system and feel comfortable using it.
Our qualified installation engineers and supervisors will perform on- and offshore measurement and installation.
To keep your system up to date, we execute a periodical check up or maintenance of your safety system.
Alcatraz Interlocks also provides assistance and advice with the design of the interlocking systems, sequences and special tailor made products.
Safety by design.

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